August 13, 2007

weekend: aug 10-11

Summer is a busy season, I've been going back to Markham like a retard every weekend....
So anyways I had a great time this weekend though, I got to do few sports that I've been waiting to do~ =)

Went to Charles's place for his yummy steak from Pilgrim's meat shop for his family and his friend. Pilgrim's meat is just so damn good~ and of course Charles's steak is always good~ =)
After that we went to Mirage cafe on Kennedy + 401 for dessert =P
I ordered this double scoop of chocolate and waffle cup~ mmm yummy~ Charles got chocolate + white chocolate mousse cake and Jenny got apple with waffle + ice cream? I forgot what was it called, but it had those in it.
I was freezing when I was eating mine..... I was shaking a lot. But I still managed to finish my dessert~
On quick planning, we decided to go to mini-putt. I've been wanting to go mini-putt so was happy about that~ I wanted outdoor one but it was already 11pm so we went to the glow in the dark mini-putt~ It's been a while so I sucked ass in the first quarter... But I got the hang of it at the end, at least I got hole-in-one in one of the hole =) I forgot the scoring but I was in 2nd, which isn't so bad~ ;) When we're done golfing, me and Jenny played DDR. And I suxed that one too. My foot cordination isn't good as before.... Well last time I played that game was few years ago~ I might bring my ps2 + mat to my apartment and play that again, at least good work out~

Another last minute plan, with same crew and with Kev, we went to rock climbing in donwtown~ It was SOOOO FUN!!! Rock climbing is one of my fav activity so I was happy going there, and it has been a while going to one. New experience there was you actually learn how to put the harness and understand how belay works. I've done rock climbing where people set it up for me like the one at Wonderland, playdium etc, so I knew nothing about it.
Climbing was awesome though, I just wish I had more stamina to climb more. I get so tired easy.... And yet us girls had more evergy than the guys~ hahahaha~ ;)
After all that nice work out we wondered around on king street deciding where to eat. I already forgotten the name of the resturant I think it was Freddie's Not Here? Or something like that. I ordered a soup and ravioli. The food was really good. The one of the pork rib Charles ordered, was so soft it was crazy. It just rips apart softly! That's the kinf of rib you want to eat~
After that delicious meal we walked through young street wandering around. Then we called it a night.

So I was looking up on the price of the rock climbing shoes, they're pretty expensive. I'm sure the more expensive they are, better the grip. I don't know if buying $60 shoes is worth it though.... I do rather get good one but then how often will I go all the way to downtown for rock climbing... -_-

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  1. Hi Yukiko,
    I am currently entering 3rd-year animation at Sheridan College.
    I heard that you are working at Silicon Knights, and instantly wanted to ask you questions about it. I hope it's OK for me to ask you a work related question on this blog.
    I have to COOP the next summer and Silicon Knights is one of the places I'd really like to COOP at. If possible, could you let me know what you guys look for in a portfolio? I am aiming for concept art related jobs, and don't know if there are non-3D-related COOP duties available. Also, what time is the best to apply for a COOP position?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Hope you continue to have a fun art-life!

    -Jeffrey Cheung


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