August 7, 2007

bonnie's wedding

The first day of my long weekend was attending to Charles's best friend's sister's wedding. Another Christian + Korean style wedding. It woulda been nice if we knew what they were saying because most speachs were all in Korean.... I heard lot of humor so it was sad that we weren't part of it.
So we were at their church for the ceremony and went to Meron Banquets on dufferin and west of steeles. First we didn't know where it was until we drove there and it was the plaza where sci-fi store is. So before we went to the banquets we dropped by to sci-fi store and then we found the board game that Charles wanted so badly. We bought that, dropped it in my car and then we went to the banquet~

We had lunch there which was pretty good~ They had prosciutto with melon, which is one of my favorite appetizer, then we had pasta, and then the main course. It was so heavy that I had to give mine to Charles~ -_- The dessert was nice and the wedding gift~ I love candles~!

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