July 22, 2007

this weekend

I have Jiji behind my rear view mirror and I took him out then back of his fur are turned brown.... 0_o Damn sunlight, so I decided to hang my voodoo doll that paul gave me (thank u~) in my car and I was worried that the color will come out so I wanted to take photo of it =)
This voodoo doll will protect me from any bad luck~
Went to Heart Land Center, it's been a while going there~ and because it's been a while Club Monaco outlet was gone and so did Jacob outlet....... Damn them!
Good thing was they have Garage Clothing so I was excited about that. Then I saw this pants!!! I'm a big fan of these kind of material. It's not the nicest quality pants but it's very very comfortable!!! It feels like I'm wearing PJs. And I also saw $10 bag so I bought that, this was actually cheaper to buy it, instead of making it.

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