June 4, 2007


Oh man, gif files turns really bad when they compress... ah well~ just click on the photo to see more ;)
So I went to Charles's sister's best friend's wedding on Saturday~ Ruth and Mark, big congrats~!

It was my first time going to one so I had interesting experience~ =) It definitly got me thinking about marriage. Feels like I'm not ready for this anytime soon~ hahaha But it was one of the beautiful things to see, it did gave me a strong impact. I rarely know them that well and yet I got tears in my eyes. On top of that I only had about 3 hours sleep before the wedding because I was fixing Charles's dress pants -_- So my very dry eyes and the happiness made me about to drop whole loads tears.... I'm definitly not looking forward to my friend's wedding ;) I'll need to bring a tissue box!
Here's me wearing my dress by the way ;) I worked out this past whole month so I managed to lose weight on my butt so my dress fits better now~ haha

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