June 28, 2007

story on mp3

So I went to Future shop to buy the audio cable to play mp3 from my DS in my car. My car has mp3 input which is a new experience for me~ Charles said the gold plated one has better sound but they only had cheap silver one for $6.99, it's not a loss so I bought that. Then afterwards we walk around in the mall we see Source and found the glod plated one for $15. I'll might as well get a good one so we can listen to music with good sound. So I bought that and returned the other one.
I go in my car pull out my DS, plugged the cable and I was playing Tetris with bass. Sexy~ haha
Now, I can put mp3s in my DS memory card and listen to it while driving, and I have been waiting for this for the longest time! THEN what happens, I transfer my files and put my micro SD card into the DS card, and guess what it doesn't clip in..... That piece of DS card won't clip in my SD card!!! It just shoots out the card.... Damn made in china, I only used it once too.
So after all that work, Charles was like "doesn't your car have mp3 player?" I was like 0_o really?!?!?! I actually checked in my manual to check it. I DID wonder why my stereo has "MP3/WMV" on it for no reason.
All that trouble was total waste.... The stupid thing was I didn't know mp3 player in the car was so standard, well I drove a '92 car that still has casseste tape for 5~6 years~ haha I remember the time when I was amazed by Jen's new stereo she bought 2~3 years ago when it can play mp3s.

So that's my story, it was definitly a big waste of time and money -_- well I'll keep the cable anyways in case people want to listen to their own music~

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