June 6, 2007

Planet puzzle league + TMNT

Just yesterday Charles and I went to Toys R us to go check out his Transfomers, I already forgot which one he wanted but either it was sold out. =( While then I checked out my game that I've been waiting and they actually had it! Without hesitation I grabbed the game and went stright to the cashier =)
This is what I was playing all night

So lately, I've been watching TMNT show and it's actually pretty good~ It has that dark feeling that is more based on the original comic but also appropriate to kids too. So some parts seems a little childish and some plots are little forced but we can still watch it. =)
I recently watched the one that we all used to watch, it's just pure joke, I can't believe we enjoyed watching that show....It actually makes you laugh because of how bad it is~ haha
We bought the 1st season part 1 of TMNT dvd to watch the first 12 episode and just yesterday we finished watching all of them ;)
Looking forward to part 2~

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