June 14, 2007

Last Sat

Yeah it's been about few days I blogged this? Just been deadly tired this week -_- All the going back to Markham every weekend killed me. Well at least I'm here this weekend, time to do my own stuff! =)
So last Saturday, Charles and I went fishing with our comp. animation buddies at Heart Lake~ I only fished once in my life so this only my second. It's something I don't do everyday so I was excited going! We went on the boat first but it was so windy, we couldn't get the chance to fish.... after a hour we decided to fish on the shore. I caught one tiny fish =) very cute~ hehe

Few of the guys caught catfish~ That was cool to see.
The weather was perfect that day, not too cold and not too hot! I got tan but I didn't sweat so that's good =)
Right now my skins are flaking like mad 0_o

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