June 26, 2007

jen + matt BBQ

We had BBQ at jen's house~ It was a good bye party for Matt's new step to NY.
It was a perfect weather and I was able to see people that I haven't seen for while so I had a great time~! Big credit to Matt Ly who cooked our food for us~ Thanks a lot!!!

I was mostly talking to people, catching up with what they been up to~ I haven't spoken this much for the longest time...... my throat got tired -_- Especially Nat, haven't seen her for ages. I had to give her bday card that I forgot to bring like 2 years ago. haha

After most people left, I realized Matt baught mario party 8 for wii, we just had to play that. I was happy to play mario party again with Tal since last time we ever played that game was since gr. 8, yep it's been that long~ And I did miss it =)

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