June 17, 2007

Designer Depot

I don't remember the last time I stayed in St. Catharines..... It's nice to stay here. Well I meant in a way where I don't have to drive back every weekends.
So I finally have my own time, I went to Micheal's to check out the lastest stuff. Man, they have a lot more cute stuff than last time I work there!! They're SOOO MANY CUTE stuff!!!!! It made me want to work there again!! hahaha ( no seriously)
I saw these as soon as I enter the store, these were only $2 each! They're rarly cheap so I had to buy them! I go to First Pro Garden Center to grocery shop sometimes and I always pass by Designer Depot , I wondered but I never tried going. So today I finally got the chance to check it out and oh man, it's like better version of winners!! Winners you see like Tommy's but it doesn't look like Tommy's brand, it always makes me think they grab random t-shirt and just put the logo on it. But Designer Depot actually has brand clothing that you actually see at the store. I didn't thought they would have Parasuco there! 0_o So I definitly bought a t-shirt from that brand, and got another black t-shirt, black pandex pants and unbrella~ =)
I realized they have designers dopot at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre and I don't remember going through there...... Well I only went there once so I barely remember what store they have there.... Well I will go to Vaughan Mills to check out the stores again! =)


  1. those stamp things are cool...what are they? do they stamp out the shape or is it like emboss?
    designer depot is not as cool at vaughn mills, it probably depends on location. winners at vaughn mills isn't good either.

  2. yeah they stamp out the shape of it. it's like hole punch except with a shape in it.

    haha is it that bad? aw, that's too bad. but i'll go anyways to check out the mall, i only went there once~


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