April 4, 2007

USB wifi connector

I end up buying this.... I gave one to Matt for his bday gift since he has Wii and DS until I realized afterwards that he already has wireless internet.....oops Well anyways we tried the USB and this was my first time playing online players on the net. My current addicted game is Tetris so I played that~
Out of 33 games, I won 28 games~ not bad =) But then again, I was playing 4 in the morning so there weren't that many people online..... who are good players that is ;)

I have finally entered the nerd world of online game, so yes I have experienced waiting for someone to play with me, people would just dismiss the game during the game(which I hate the most) and how addicted online games are -_- I definitly would not play other online games other then DS games. I can't afford to waste more time!!

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