April 10, 2007


Went to watch TMNT last Sunday.

Man, movie tickets are expensive now 0_o

It was actually good. It wasn't the best or anything but it's definitly a good movie for kids. It's like going back in time when we all enjoyed watching the cartoon show~

Just to let you know I'm one of the kids who didn't watch the live action TMNT movie back in the 90's. It was ugly and terrifing when I saw that trailor. What makes it look ugly is that the fact the turtles has teeth. It makes them look weird....

Maybe because I'm more open minded, I didn't mind them in this film. At least the head. The bodies were kinda weird. All their parts of the body were stubs.

What bothered me the most were the people in the film. I look at the credits and the artists were all from Hong Kong. And you know how their styles that they're into, very soft, the look of putting too much foundation on their face, more cake like?. Basically it was too smooth, it didn't have enough textures.
Overall it was a good movie, story wasn't so bad either.
But my question is, how old is April in this film????

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