April 29, 2007

my new car and @ ikea

This weekend I went to pick up my NEW CAR~!!!
New Honda Civic DX-G~! Me so happy now~ =) It's very different from Prelude, the front is so much shorter, and now I can't see the front and the back bumper >_<
It is sad to say bye bye to Prelude.... I really did enjoy this car~ My first car to drive at least. =)
Thanks for my dad for letting me use his car for this long~ I can't wait to see his next new car ;)

Went to Ikea to replace a plate that I broke last time. Then I saw this!!

I just had to buy them~ I shoulda bought one more set of the bowls, I will next time I go back ;)


  1. Those plates reminded me of my wife's black and white collection of kitchen wares. She'll be happy to see those. I think I should buy her a set. :)
    BTW, your new car is so gorgeous. I hope you enjoy driving it just like your prelude. :)

  2. Hi there, Yuki. Your car's gorgeous! I should say it is a good upgrade from your old car. I love the color, and of course, the shorter and non-edgy front.

  3. I totally agree with you, Leisa! The new car's a cool upgrade from the old one. Yuki must be really happy with it. By the way, how are you coping with the payment for the car? Did you pay it cash or did you apply for a loan for it?

    Junior Perrera


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