March 18, 2007

meal 12

Today is sunday, which is the day when I'm lazy, so I didn't plan any dinner tonight. It was either make food or go grab food. I was too lazy to go out so I choose to make food. It was also the day before the grocery so I didn't have that much food to use.
This is my made up pasta meal.
-Pan fry the spegehttie with finaly sliced green and red pepper with ricotta cheese.
-Put it into a mountain on the plate and put sliced cheese on top of it. Leave it in to 300 c oven until the cheese melts.
-Mean while pan fry the finaly sliced salami and sun dried tomato with butter on high heat. Cook it until it's crispy.
-At the sametime cook the shrimp with LOTS of butter with chopped garlic and pan fry that until the shrimp is ready.
-Pull out the pasta out of the oven and sprinkle the salami and sun dried tomato and put dried parsly for decoration~

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