March 3, 2007

meal 09

I actually didn't shop this week so I had to make whatever I have in the fridge.... This meat is amazing!! It's like pure natural meat, so it tastes SO clean and soft. It's a little pricy but it's worth it. You wouldn't want to eat the grocery's meat anymore!
If any of you guys are from St. Catharine, go to Pilgrim's drug free meat! (@24 Welland Avenue
) It's worth it~ This is pork I used, when I cut this meat it's so soft that I have to actually freeze the meat a little for me to cut into thin slices.
This is simple meal I make whenever I have nothing in the fridge. The meat is stir-fried with lots of ginger, green onion and garlic.

I tried out a new recipe which is one of my favorite food. Korean food's chap chae~ I like this type noodle to much, it really matchs well with sukiyaki~ =) This one is easy too, just add soy sauce, sesame oil/seed, onion, and carrot. I'm suppose to add more vegetable but like I said I didn't have everything with me at this moment~ Mine tasted too salty ;)

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  1. Nice blog!! though not so good if you are hungry :( I'll come again with my stomach full so I don't suffer LOL. See ya, take care.


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