November 20, 2006

Tropical Fruits

I tried out different kinds of tropical fruits today for dessert!
They all tastes different and very unique. The most shocking thing was passion fruits aren't sweet like the bubble tea you drink. It's the most sour taste I ever had. Well lemon is sour but this one has a bit of bitter taste first then the sweet comes last.
Guava was like star fruits and pears combined. The seeds are rediculusly hard, you can seriously break your teeth so watch out when your chewing it!
I tried dragonfruit and golden dragonfruit. Well the golden one is called yellow skinned dragonfruit and that one is so sweet, it's so good!! The regular one gets kinda nasty after while because it has a blunt taste. It's like kiwi without any taste(yeah that sounds nasty).
The best one was Sweet granadilla! It looks so damn nasty but it's so good. It looks like pomagrat but more juicier =)
That was a one heathly dessert I ever had~

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