October 17, 2006

happy birthday to....

Happy birthday to sir Charles~
Just last Saturday we celebrated his birthday at Keg. Good thing we went early cuz it literally took more then hour waiting. It's stupid how they dont' take reservation on weekend. Actually resturant that doesn't have reservation is just retared period! stupid Red Lobster.... So we had dinner there, I had prime rib with king crab. After that we went to my place and played Star Wars minichure games. That was fun~ It's fun playing team battle~ While that, we had birthday cake that I bought earlier. Chocolate Moose Bom! When I was cutting that thing, I thought it's a whole chocolate moose inside the outside shell. But it has layered sponge cake in it so that was good~ Kev brought us pudding too so we had that~ Man oh man so many sweets~! I've been eating sweets all week..... The game took us whole night again =) so it was already 4am~ haha
It was a good night~

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