October 1, 2006

endless shrimp

Yesterday, my people and I went to Red Lobster for endless shrimp~ And I'll be honest with you... I only ate 1 plate of that enless shrimp...... It was gross man!!! It was way too greesy for me!!! Yeah my first mistake was getting fried shrimp AND popcorn shirmp. Second, I can barely finish a regular dish at Red Lobster cuz it's already so buttery. I shoulda gotten a whole plates of king crab~ haha But it was still good it's just I can prabably eat so many when it's homemade or something. Well now I know so I won't choose that anymore~ haha.
After that we were deciding what to do, I wanted to go bowling but no one wanted to so instead we went to my place and watched Tarzan. Yes, Tarzan~ It's not a bad movie so we watched that. So that was pretty much my day, well actually before the dinner I went to get my hair cut so I did that, now it's short again~
Anyways I thank everyone who came yesterday, I had lot of fun, and able to catch up with things their up to~ =)

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