October 31, 2006


I did the drawing while back, like just last year? All these girls were seen at Sheridan College. Anybody that I thought that had good fashion sense, these are the girls I drew. But I did change some of the hairs and I made them all skinny ;)
It's a desktop wallpaper if anyone's interested~

Because of my surgury, lately I've been sticking my tongue out when I eat. Just before the food touches my bottom teeth, I stick my tongue out to guard my stitches on my bottom left teeth. Even now, when it's completely healed I still do that habit. Does it look bad from other people's point of view??
Just yesterday I went to my dentist to check up on my healing process, and it's ready to go on with my next surgury. Still got 2 more months but I'll be finally able to screw that piece of metal in my jaw~ wo hoo~

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