September 5, 2006

Long Weekend~

Been a while going on blogspot~ Still around, Not much happening lately... BUT we just had long weekend so I did something~ It's been a while but I went to anime expo with people(well now it's called fan expo which i didn't know). I think last time I went was 4~5 years ago? Things has changed. It seems smaller 0_o Man, when I went there I saw 1/4 of people from Sheridan, crazy~ It's definitly one way to see people.

Stores are still the same except this new store that I never seen. Have you heard of Monster Factory? It's their original character design and handmade plush toys. So many cute designs I had to buy them~ Instead of buying one, I might as well buy the series so I got "the subsitutes"~ Thanks to my man who bought them for me~ =)

Check out the site guys:

I see these handmade products, it really inspires me to make something. I MUST make time for this! I have my new wicked ass sewing machine sitting at home.
After that we were so damn hungry so we went back to markham and try out the new resturant across from commerence gate called "wasabi". But sadly we couldn't make it cuz it was about to close.... so instead we went to korean bbq =) After that we went to matt's house to chill and we played sf pretty much all night~ Now THAT'S been a while for me~ When was the last time playing with you matt?? 2 years??? sheesh~

We are getting old.... We can't stay up that late anymore, where was the time when we used to play game after school 'till 4 in the morning?? I miss that...... HOPEFULLY when wii coms out, we'll get that flow back~ =)

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