September 28, 2006

happy bday to me~

Yesterday was my bday~
Finally turned 23 which not a big deal ;) just getting old... Thanks to Jen giving me my favorite ring that I wanted for a while from Immoi. I will definitly wear it on Sat~ =)
Charles got me Nintendo DS Lite with Nintendog!! Thank you so much~! I started playing as soon as i got the gift~ It's such a cute game!!! He got me the version with Golden in it so without hesitation, I named my puppy safety~ Now he can be with me anytime. This game is really well made, actually it's really crazy~ I could see people getting into this game and I'm one of them =)

Neways so for dinner we drove to oakville, sadly yes because my area is too ghetto so no good place to go~ But we went to krazy sushi so not sure if that any better~ haha no no I had good time! After that we went to demetri's and had their new crepe and it was yummy~!! Too bad it was raining that day..... and the stupid thing is we ran to our car, while that was going my hair covered my face cuz it was so windy so I couldn't see where I was running. Then I actually fell down landed on my knee and hurt myself. Stupid slope! I did feel the pain but to be honest that was funny. Charles looked back to see if I was behind him and he had this feeling that I would trip. As soon as he looked back he predicted right~ At least people weren't there, I think...... Well either way it's a memorable bday~ haha Can't wait for sat now~! =)

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