September 10, 2006

canada one factory outlet

Very first time going to the canada one factory outlet~
I've been wait'n for it for so long~ I don't have that much parasuco clothes but I really love that brand since in high school. But sadly, I don't have the time to wear those clothes anymore.... It is a "slutty" clothing design that I would only wear it in school. College is over for me, rarely go out with people.... =( But I still admire their clothing designs, still inspiring. Just won't be wearing it~ Maybe their pants~
You know what I've been doing? I started playing minicher games. I just started playing Star Wars one and Axis & Allies. Eventually I'll be playing Dungeon & Dragon one~ haha slowly becoming a nurd~ Well I already am =)

Anyways back to the topic, I would thought the place would be bigger but I guess I was wrong... They did have lots cheap stuff but each store is too small~ Like come on UB, orphus rd. has better stuff~ I was looking for simple black fall/spring jacket but nothing there =( but I bought nice fancy black tank-top at Guess and they had scratch & save coupon so I saved 10%~ wo hoo~

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