July 10, 2006


Man, this no internet really suxs....
Anyways Last Friday(07/07) my work offered us free movie and food. They pretty much reserved the cinema for us so we watched Pirate of the Carribian 2. I knew it was free food but I choose to get anything. I don't think I can eat popcorn in 9 in the morning anymore. Yeah, the movie was in the morning so it was quite tiring. But at least half of day of work !

In the weekend, I baught like 5 new ps2 games. They were about 10 bucks! No loss for that. So on Sunday I spent all my day playing Samurai Warriors with Charles. We was so close to finish that game or at least that's what we think. That game is only fun when you play with other people, I played Dynesty Warrior by myself and yeah, it was quite boring. Any repetitive games are boring when you play by yourself. Keep in mind that~

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