July 5, 2006

July 1st

Where have I been?? I'm living without internet at home....... it really sucks -_- What have I been doing? I moved to my new home on Canada day(happy birthday jen!!) and yeah damn people are heading towards Niagra so LOTS of trafic. Moving went smoothly, it actually took only 1 hour. It is surprizing because when I moved out from Oakville it literally took 3 hours to bring all my stuff out. My brothers were SO sick of it, so the first thing they ask me at St. Cathrine was "Can we leave right after we're done bringing up the boxes?". And then they actually left right after all the boxes were up in my room. I will post up my new home soon, when I get my camera.... That's the first thing I may want to buy when I get my first paycheck=)

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