July 17, 2006


Over the weekend I brought my car to my carshop and they were telling me the shock resistent was leaking again so it'll cost another 1k again to fix it. Yeah, I'm aware that it's time to switch the car while back but it is hard to buy a car right now. Need more savings man..... I have to wait like another year or something to own one. 'till then I have to stick with my prelude.

And sadly my car isn't ready yet so they gave me a rental car for free. And it's the car that I wanted to test drive, was Mazda 3(yeah i know mazda? wasnt i at honda?? i wanted to drive the new civic, but i had no choice). It's a pretty good car actually, but really any car that's newer then MY prelude anything is good~ haha. This Mazda 3 has "semi"-manual hand gear so I was playing around with that until I saw the gas went down so damn fast...... then I remembered I have to fill the gas before returning it. It's already empty...

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