June 27, 2006


STUUUPID BLOG I didn't know once u click on spell check it deletes the post. I just spent 30 min type'n out my crap. Screw it I'm just gonna shorten this post.

So I went to Yorkdale yesterday with my parents. My mom wants an one piece dress, new shoes, and a hat for trip to paris. She's very excited to this vacation. So I came along to help her out looking for what she needs. We found really nice shoes from Nine West but sadly no size for her. She told me she went most of the mall around us for shoes, she did consider buy'n it at paris, but I don't know maybe it's a girl thing, have extra to bring it to the trip.

After 5 hours she found this nice simple white dress at Tristen & America. After all that help my mom let me pick out a cloth for myself so I chose this silky green tank top. It's was like $200 altogether and we were wondering why so expensive so we looked at that reciept. Her dress was $80 and my tank top was $98..... >_<

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