June 22, 2006


I swear Orville redenbacher's Unltimate theater style BBQ flavour popcorn is the most piece of shit ever. Yeah I am aware of my "reading instruction" but specifically the bbq flavour one is just retarded. Who makes their popcorn like that. Most retarded thing is it said it takes 5 min but within 2 min it burns and it doesn't even cook the entire corn. Not just once but twice and this time we followed the instruction praperly and it still fucks up (sure~ u read the instruction. that's right, u know who i'm talk'n to). Now my whole kitchen smells like burned food..... hope my mom doesn't complain >_<

K, enough said about stupid popcorn. I watched Disney's Dinosaurs. It was alright, it made me think I should watch Jurassic Park again to see the graphics. Dinosaurs had so many scene's where the characters and the background didn't fit together. But whatever, the texturing was quite nice~

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