June 9, 2006

@ the mall

For ppl who doesn't know and who doesn't care, Lewis craft at Markville mall is closing end of this June. So right now it has this BIG clearance sale up to 70%. For girls who knits go there now cuz yarn are all 50% off! BIG SAVING =)
I did go there to buy yarn but I wanna risk and see if they'll drop the price more near the end of the month..... But I already have this urge to buy them right now >_< So since I didn't buy those yarn I bought 3 tops for 30 instead~ haha
I ssim uoy ybab...
Have you guys seen the jewelllery at The Loft? There's these really nice jewellary I love so much, but I don't know, jewellary is quite useless thing to buy but that goes the same for buying games and toys..... Some ppl may notice I'm addicted to circle designs recently, well it's been 3 years liking it so it became part of me now~ ANYWAYS go to IMOOI they got really really cute jewellaries. You know which one I like =)

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